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L. M. Lohr & M. S. Raper: three SF poems

Faceless God

Pondering A Distant, Ancient Light

By: Lloyd Michael Lohr and M.S. Raper


I sit alone upon an asteroid and ponder the many days events,

my drill is silent, for the silver ore can wait,

I long for a gentle breeze and the greens fields of Earth,

but all I see are the pinpoint sparkles of distant, ancient light,

a multitude of solar cardinal points before me pointing the way to the unknown,

 And they remind me that I am so far from my home,

 Out there somewhere,

another star is born,

another particle of frozen matter is deposited on a barren world by the solar wind,

 Out there somewhere,

another life form crawls from the primordial slime,

and begins to speak the sounds of social discourse,

 Out there somewhere,

the truth lurks in the ethereal deserts of dark matter,

growing cold from the lack of remembrance,

Out there somewhere,

a thousand eclipses dance behind an endless penumbra of stardust,

and their shadows form little Mandelbrot patterns in my dreams,

 Out there somewhere,

another entity,

not unlike myself,

ponders the secrets of the distant stars.


The Red Shift Mistress

By: Lloyd Michael Lohr


I walked the realm of stars before the First Ones came,

the opener of the ancient ways,

some say,

the devourer of worlds in shaded memories of times long passing,

but neither Andromeda nor Milky Way,

nor deity nor human dare whisper my name,

the angels and demons of certain fate,

have made their pilgrimage,

beyond the rim of the galaxy as the epic begins again,

for only I remember Ereshkigal's Riddle,

and in this knowledge Tammuz still knows fear,

as the processional wheel turns ever onward,

in dominion's wake I am the subtle touch of a black-boned god,

upon your shoulder,

when all is said and done and I return on the pendulum's downward spiral,

can you guess my name?

I'll give you a clue,

A chance to decipher the key to ancient mysteries,

I am the ancient sovereign of inner space, the redshift mistress,

The acolyte of dark stars bespeaks of me in wonderment and praise,

Oh, can you guess my name?

As I stand at the threshold of the event horizon smiling.


Moon Bones

By: Lloyd Michael Lohr


I stop to ponder those most ancient days, those times long ago passing,

and marvel at their great accomplishments,

when men orbited Earth and first walked upon the once barren moon,

 I gaze at the symbols of ideology left behind by the first ones,

those relics held in stasis at our interplanetary museum,

bones of a long past cultures remind us of more complicated times,

of stars and stripes and sickles and hammers,

of bronze plaques declaring good will toward humanity,

 What would their reaction be to learn that we live here in autonomous


parted from the shores of their far removed time,

it makes me wonder what they would say,

what they would do,

if they could see our gleaming lunar cities,

only the first of many collective accomplishments of tribal man in solar


as the blue and clouded image of the distant earth,

reflects upon our domed and mirrored sky.

 A lunar colony they would have thought not possible, in their day,

surely you jest, they would have said as they played frisbee in the moondust,

 Yet this dream has indeed transpired.

for I walk amongst earth-cast shadows and through my bedroom window,

I watch little moon devils swirl about cajoled by the solar winds.

 Much progress we have gained, yet there is so much more to accomplish,

as we continue to reach further out into the realm of endless night,

And leave more bones in our passing.


(c) Lloyd Michael Lohr and M.S. Raper


Still here!



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