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Writer's FAQ

Dear non-Croatian visitors, writers and artists, wellcome! Here's what you can expect:

1) Do authors get paid?

No. Please note that Via Galactica is absolutely non-profitable e-fanzine. We do not pay for contributions - free copy of issue with your work in .pdf format to download, and some attention of Croatian SF audience will be your only reward... :-)

2) What do we publish?

All. Any new and interesting SF, fantasy, and horror stories or poetry - we do not make difference, you can send us hard SF, cyberpunk, sword and sorcery... if it's good, we'll translate it. We're interested in publishing SF/F/H essays and articles containing serious or humorous thoughts about the genre or fandom, too. Only condition is that no text can be longer than 5000 words, and poems should not exceed 50 lines.

3) Text submissions in what format?

Texts should be in .txt or .rtf format, and sent as attachment. Please keep them simple - this means without florid font styling and weird page layouts :-)

4) Do we publish graphic art?

Yes. We accept allmost all kind of SF/F/H hand and computor drawings, paintings, illustrations, etc. Please note us first before sending images larger than 1 megs.

5) Copyright?

It's not a problem if your work is previously published outside Croatia, but we need to know when and where. And after publishing, we do not hold any rights - copyright remains to you. Just remember to include brief information about yourself, your work, other interests, and anything you think your readers need to know.

So, this is it. E-mail is Go ahead!

Best wishes,

Kruno (editor)


Still here!



Writer's FAQ

Translated texts:

Interview with Mihaela Velina - read what editor of Futura, only Croatian SF semiprozine, have to say about our SF scene
NOSF (3) - a regular column from issue nr. 7
A glimpse of Croatian SF fandom - another article, made for one Czech SF e-zine
The Highway Quarrel - short SF story