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Dear fans,

let me invite you to take part in the on-line conference, which will
take place concurrently with 17. Parcon, the most important convention of the Czech and Slovak fans. Our science-fiction club Avalon arrange this convention in the little town Chotebor (Czech Republic) from 3. to 6. July this year. The conference will be run on the Web at

It will be separated to 5 sessions, each last about half a day and each comprise several themes. So may be include some questions from the czech fans to you. A preliminary program is attached.

If you want take part in this conference, send me, please, e-mail and tell me, what is your time zone. We need this information to the program specification. Our time zone is UT+02:00 - Central European Daylight Time (CEDT). A detailed information I will send you later.

Thank you very much.

Pavel Koten
SFC Avalon

Parcon online - WWW conference topics
Date: July 3 - 6, 1998

Session ONE - FRIDAY (July 3.)
Life in the Universe
* Does a life exist in the Universe?
* Extra-terrestrial encounters
* Do they watch us?
* Interstellar wars
* Interstellar sex

Session TWO - SATURDAY (July 4.)
Mankind in the Solar system
* Will we follow dinosaurs? - hazards due asteroids and comets.
* Colonization of the Solar system - will we leave this planet?
* Interplanetary and interstellar flights

Session THREE - SATURDAY (July 4.)
Science fiction
* Any new themes for science fiction?
* Sex in science fiction
* Current Czech science fiction
* How to write succesfull pieces? (special for writers)
* The most interesting experience with science fiction
* Your best convention

Session FOUR - SUNDAY (July 5.)
Human and Earth in 2100
* Human after hundred years
* Cloning and other method of human "enhancement"
* Earth's ecosystem evolution
* What is your conception of Earth in 2100?

Session FIVE - SUNDAY (July 5.)
Future technologies
* Global information networks
* Future of computers
* New sources of energy
* Transportation in the future